BP Advanced 1 Examen

Bachata Passion · January 24, 2022

Na het volgen van de Advanced lessen op de Bachata Passion Academy wordt dit afgesloten met een examen. Na het halen van het examen kan je direct doorstromen naar de lessen op Advanced 2 niveau.

Je hebt maximaal 30 minuten de tijd voor het Examen.
Je kan zelf kiezen of je deze in Nederlands of Engels wil doen.

You can do it! Heel veel succes & plezier!

After following all the Advanced classes at the Bachata Passion Academy we finish the course with an exam. After passing the exam you can directly continue to the classes at Advanced 2 level.

There is a time limit of 30 minutes for the Exam.
You can choose to do the exam in Dutch or English.

You can do it! Wishing you lots of luck & fun!

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Bachata Passion

We are a Dance Company from the Hague (the Netherlands) that is very passionate about Bachata. We believe that Bachata is the perfect combination of sensual bodymovements, challenging footworks, beautiful turn patterns, passion and musicality. By not focusing on only the Bachata Moderna, Sensual or Traditional/Dominican but rather embracing all different Bachata styles, Geno & Steffie have succeeded in creating their own Bachata Passion style with a strong focus on musicality in which all Bachata styles are combined.

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